Our Story

By Ashley Kathleen Allyn, Founder & CEO

I love to snack. I have always been a huge snacker! But when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, back in 2009, that wreaked havoc on my digestive system, I was forced to begin making better choices when it came to food. I slowly began to realize that the deliciously flavorful snack options readily available in the grocery store weren't fit to nourish even a healthy body, let alone the body of someone with an autoimmune disease. 

I wanted flavor. I wanted delicious, crunchy, and satisfying snacks. I spent hours in the grocery store searching and studying the ingredients lists, trying to find foods with ingredients that wouldn't irritate my gut. When I was able to finally find something, it just didn't taste as good as I hoped it would. My cravings were frustrating and I often thought to myself, "It shouldn't be so difficult to find a snack that isn't full of crap and that tastes good!"

That's when I began making my own snacks and AKA Snacks was born. Our mission is to bring these boldly flavored, satisfying and nutritious snacks to the world and give our customers better options for snack foods. Here at AKA Snacks, we like to snack and believe we shouldn't have to sacrifice nutrition to do so!